Frustration of Programmer

The Very Common Frustration moments in the life of a programmer . … More Frustration of Programmer


Top 3 practices of Programmer for writing beautiful code

Writing code is an art.Any programmer can write the code that can understood by a computer but what makes the programmer unique is writing a code that can be understood by co-programmers.As a programmer I suggest in saying add style to code.Adding style to code brings you the great impression along with good feedback.Even when … More Top 3 practices of Programmer for writing beautiful code

Programming Languages as Political parties

We had a brain which is programmed to program.What happens when the programming languages enters into politics ?Why should we have bath before going to swim .Lets jump and swim into the programming languages as political parties. National Parties:Java Python Just like the national parties the java,python fall under this category .We all know that … More Programming Languages as Political parties