Microsoft adding Bash Shell to its next update


Microsoft Windows 10 next big update is adding the bash shell.Adding means not just integrating it is saying that it is native with windows.The hunting started for the Canonical developers.The sentence “once there was a command prompt in windows” will be coming from everyone with feeling of missing it.Bash is shaking hands with the Windows 10.

Bash shell is going to be the Native in Windows 10


The New functionality of adding bash sorry real bash is coming as part of this summer Anniversary update in Windows 10.This summer becoming more hot with the entry of bash into Windows 10.The big thing to appreciate is ,bash is not a VM or any cross compiled tool,it is N A T I V E.They partnered with Canonical for getting this to be worked in smooth.We can directly download that from the Windows Store .We all know that the third party tools enabled this for years but the direct bonding with Canonical adds more sweet to sugar than usual . Due to this direct bonding with the Canonical ,there is a great chance of increasing in the performance in 360 degree angle.

Microsoft is trying to make the Train to move on the Road sorry the are actually trying to move  the Train  on water ,sorry again in side water.This is what actually going to happen by this summer update in the Windows 10 saying  Hi! to bash and Bye! to cmd,if everything runs smoothly.


Bash Entering into Windows


This change in Windows will bring the great revolution.People who have hatred they start loving it after this summer update in Windows 10.Linux Lovers will add this update adding real bash as a new flavor to their minds.If the tools and the binaries works well and good then Windows will last longer.I think this is the intelligent update for Windows 10.After all this we no need to search like this “alternative for Linux terminal in windows”.

The programmers and developers will have smooth curve with ease in approach  with the entry of the bash in to the world of Windows 10.Many Programmers really need the shell while they code.Command Prompt satisfied the Programmer to an extent but not in full fledged.This dream going to be true with the entry of the Bash.Bash going to add the extra functionality in windows 10 especially for programmers and developers.

With the entry of the bash in to Windows 10 should we call it Windows with Bash.Next Laptop will sale with saying Windows with Bash.If we ask some one what is the OS you are using means he will say Windows with Bash.Even to register the Bash with Windows in the minds of the people really takes time to get practiced.

To incorporate the Bash in Windows 10 ,should we make the new path or make the bash to run in our path .We do not know the actual approach how this going to be.Binaries and the tools should be modified in huge amount .

Provide your felling on this Update in Windows 10 as comments.All comments are welcome with pleasure.

To Change is To Err


any comment please?

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