Whom we call funny programmers?

Hi my name is John and I am a programmer too.According to me all programmers are funny programmers.Some  times we find the programmers doing some crazy stuff ,lets dive into it .


Serious Programmers

A Programmer is seriously coding by sitting in a chair facing the screen keeping his legs forward and his hands on key board ..suddenly he sees the command press any key , then immediately he search for any key in the key board and he founds nothing so he press enter with frustration.

Park programmers

Programmers always search for the pleasant climate to code.We can see the programmers sitting on a bench in park and keeps coding .Even though their laptop getting heat ,they still bear with patience .Suddenly his phone gets vibrate with a call ,as the place being the park his mind immediately thinks of some insect crawling on his legs ,so he through the laptop up and jump like a frog .The environment created the creatures in his mind.

Ctrl – S programmers


There are two types in this category .Who press the ctrl+s with out any reason  and who never press ctrl+s.No sooner he opens the editor ,he keeps typing ctrl +s with no reasons .With out his knowledge his hand fingers follow the flow of ctrl+s .The other type programmers are one keep on coding until his battery gets off then immediately he realize saving the code.Some times he loss the code if his lap shuts unnoticed.Again he starts typing the code then to his dismay,the power line gets cut again he realizes that he hasn’t save the code .

Dining programmers

The gets time to eat and in time he gets a call to clear one small bug,so he gets his lap on to the dining table then he starts the battle left hand or single hand typing .He does all typing the code in parallel to eating suddenly his wife or children drip the glass down on the table ,he gets no time to take off the lap before he lap swim in the water.Immediate action after watering his laptop on dinging table is taking the cloth on the chair next to his chair and he starts rubbing ,to his dismay the towel is full of dust his wife forgot to get rid off the dust from  the towel after cleaning the table and misplaced it on the chair as commonly.

24/7 programmers


These are robots.They do not have the specific time in their mind.They sleep in  odd hours.Even they do not know he is getting sleep or he is sleeping at the time he is going on .They sleep on key board whole night ,in morning when he gets up he found the stamps of the keys on his cheek.They eat while coding ,they drink while coding ,they do everything in parallel to coding or programming .Even if he sleep besides his wife he start typing on her body like marching  ants carrying food to their home .Their eyes add the color red and looks very funny monster .Even this children afraid some times.

Beyond all this the most funny incident  in the life of  a programmer is he is getting time to get married,and fortunate thing is getting partner also a programmer.


The most annoying moment in the life of a programmer is coding to patch one bug and carrying extra bugs along.At the moment he the programmer do not know weather to be happy for clearing the one bug or sad for getting some more bugs to crawl on his code.How ever bugs and code are relatives.They always exists together whatever you do.

The code with out bugs is not considered to be good code


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