What really love makes to think about parents

Love is a feeling.Feeling is the thing always trying to hide and never wants  to expose.The more time it hide in deep ,the more the love flowers into..Here is small story to explain the feeling on parents when the youth is in love ..


In a park an Old  Man is sitting on the bench.
One Youngster came towards him and asks him …and says “Hello ! sir ,this is the bench,
me and my girl usually sit together ,will you please sit in the next bench .Please don’t mind asking this way?”. Then Immediately with out hesitation the old man moves to besides bench and sat facing other side.The Youngster girl friend came and they both kept on talking ,after a while  a woman came and sat on the bench of the old man….after few minutes the boy says to his girl friend “hey You  don’t worry i know about my parents they surely accepts our love specially my mom is just like a friend to me ” after saying this the woman on the old man bench (in silence )  says to him “Hello sir! that boy is my Son I am so proud of him keeping trust on us “
The boy here didn’t notice his mother arrival….then the girl says to his boy friend “you are lucky to have a mother,I really don’t know how the mothers love would be ,because my mom died at my birth but my papa is almost replica for love even if my mother is present she might have not love as much as my dad is giving now ..he is everything to me and I ‘m every thing to him .So, my dad will definitely understand us”…after listening this the woman says to old man “I will be a mother to her than mother in law” after her the old man says “She is my daughter “……
They both dismayed(shocked) …..each other together stood and walked towards them …Now its their time to shock by seeing their parents.
parents kept listening the love on them ………They both came to their parents in shy …parents accepted their love after few months both got married  and lived happily……….



any comment please?

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