The Four Years of Engineering

Clearing all subjects in every semester will not make you an engineer but you can become a degree holder .The Engineer is different from the B.Tech degree holder .He is Unique and intellectual with ideas of solutions and creations .

Year 1:


Girl misses on mum
State of Confusion

The first year is the most confusion part of Engineering.Everyone comes with an idea of becoming one of the greatest Engineers.Every one is “empty heart with full brain“. In first year of Engineering girls and boys are like north and south poles of the magnet.

First day of college:

Every face looks interesting  on the first day.Most of the students come with new dress on the first day of their of the college ,there is no particular reason for that other than being special on that day .It is the only day where boys hesitate to talk with girls.Every one wants to be noticed.The self introduction will become the event of the day.The only day we can find the full strength of the class.Nobody knows who will be the friend of whom.Every sight looks for another sight.Every one tries to find the best that could possible .Everyone looks strange .Nobody knows ,how one would be .No one can judge the other.No one is less and no one is more. He/she is with their own talent.

That’s all about the first day of the first year.Lets jump into regular days .

I have mentioned earlier that first year is the year  of confusion.I stated that because everyone comes with idea of walking in single path but they  find multiple paths.Every path they walk makes him/her to feel awesome of no reasons.Every student is in exhausted state.He is always confused in what to discover or in something big what to invent.

The seniors look at them like they haven’t seen a boy or girl before.The first one whom we hate is seniors .Ragging is the another x-factor that student should learn in practical .Besides this it will become the crime part and just become the greatest nonsense.

Read with Passion

While coming to study we can see the people still read like L K G students. According to them the louder they read the more they can remember.We found many of the students reading like question and answer pair.Marks are everything to those kind of students.They are still with mind of clearing all subjects  instead of learning the practical knowledge of development and creation . They write what they read instead of what they have understood.They are like path in the night with out any light.

There mind is restricted to single solution .They do not think out of the box.They think that what they read is final .They don’t try examine that. Very few students clear first year.The main concept of the first year is understanding the subjects and being clear what each one is and  why they are so.After first year one should have the knowledge balancing the time with multiple activities .He should able to balance all the things.

year 2:

Year of DANGER

Take Risks and Taste the Victory

After year 1 every one is confident with the mind set of they can do anything . We can find the revolution of communication from normal to mobiles and social chats.They completely disturb their own minds with out their knowledge. It is the most dangerous year of all. The chance of wrong turn is more than taking the right turn .

The student is able to write the exams by just one night study ,you know why-they are like volatile ram once the exam is over they forget everything .In this year the student should try to discover the things with raising questions of himself about how and why things are happening.They have to collect the maximum amount of data.

1st year
Be More Competitive to Others

The second year is actual year of Engineering.They have to walk on subjects ,they have to swim in the concepts,they have to fly in thinking of all.But they waste all time and stand one night to write exams and they say with proud “I wrote the exam by studying one night” ,you know actually these kind of students cheating themselves .They came to do engineering .Engineering is nothing but research and development but not the 32 pages answer sheet.

year 3:

Year of IDEAS

Your Idea Your Time Your Brain

This is most innovative year.After Year 2 you will come out by learning “how to think”. This is the year of giving work to your brain .Most of the students become rebel at this stage .I support this .Every one should have that fire.But they think the rebel-ism is giving counters to the lecturers ,maintaining a gang to bang, showing disrespect, Not participating ,less mingling with other students all these qualities are not the rebel-ism they are just childish actions of novice.Show your fire in creation ,every eye turns to you.Show your counters on questioning the lecturers they applause you .Show disrespect towards ego every one comes to you.Show your gang to discover ,every one wants to join in you.Show your participation ,every one follows you. This is the actual rebel-ism more over we call all this Leadership qualities.Every one must develop or cultivate them with out any excuses.

Read to Discover

We can find students with ideas but they do not know how to approach .This is common obstacle where the students stop thinking  any more as their mind is filled with confusion. One should able to figure the solution for this . Turn the magazines,watch the videos,listen to speakers,read the legacy over the concepts and eventually you will come up with a fascinating solution which is perfect one .

We can also find the students here with tired of learning .The aptitude book  is the first disgusting one that changes the way of thinking in the students. Aptitude is to develop your attitude but not the chance of selection in job. Most of us think that aptitude exam is the filter of selecting the students.So they try to memorize formulas and try hard in solving them.But the secret behind is not the answer to the question but how you answered matters here.But every one is answering in one way they have learned in the institution or by reading the aptitude books.

Year 4:


Experiment you yourself

The massive year of engineering.This is the real test of one’s caliber.This is the place where you burn your hands and learn from them. Many students neglect this year .We can also call this year as” year of seriousness”. Lecturers never mind you never consider to them.  Now you have to fly on your own wings. The three years you should be creating the wings and get practiced with them .If not you are in absolutely very nasty stage.On should be able to manage things,control the things ,discover the things.

After coming to fourth year many students think that they gain the badge of ability to do things in right manner.Unless you keep them in right direction you cannot know the faults.Some times it is harder to find the flaw than functionality .The students still in the state of confusion even after entering into fourth year.They do not know what they know.They do not know they don’t know.

Clear the Boundaries and think out of the Box

Many of the students ,even after coming to fourth year they still don’t have clarity about themselves.They loss their self respect and buy the some one’s creation and show it as theirs.This is most pity situation of the student. He still do not have any plan after completing the fourth year.Even they loss the confidence but lye  in shades of confusion. Now they will ask what to do and take suggestions.See that they are not able to judge themselves .You do not know yourselves.Never play for the others ,play  yourselves and for your team. Many students are novice after this year .If they turn back and see what they have earned means other than three semester mark lists nothing more.

Go and walk yourselves we are behind you

Even after completion of engineering they hesitate to walk on their legs. He/she do not have confidence on his own legs.

Every one is joined to learn Engineering but very few coming out as an Engineer.This is like searching the pearl in the ocean.Very hard to find or trace them out.The Engineering is not only the life of enjoying it is life of discovering and invention.One should be able to balance the time and events and moments because they never come back.

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